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Green Power

Green Power Systems specialize in initiating and executing energy solutions adapted to customers’ needs.

The company operates in the sphere of efficient energy use and alternative energy, and offers a wide range of technological and business tools to enable the customer to save energy costs without any detrimental effects on its scope of opeations.

Green Power considers energy saving to be a central issue of organizational energy management as part of overall management strategy.Therefore, the most effective solutions for greater energy efficiency are system-wide, comprehensive and cover the whole gamut of the customer’s activity, its needs and requirements. The company and its subsidiaries have vast experience of executing projects in the field of energy savings, and the Group’s customers include leading organizations in the economy.

The company offers a wide array of products and technologies to facilitate optimal integration in order to optimize the customer’s solution and provide a precise solution for energy savings in areas such as: air conditioning, lighting, water heating, water recycling, heat exchanging, use of steam and compressed air, etc.

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